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Hello I'm an Italian Fashionistaaa!

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Durring one year ar Hi-Res!, I've followed the italian Brand Hogan. We've created several special-purpose mini-sites and redesigned the whole mother-site.

A client followed with the whole Hi-ReS! team.
Step behind the velvet rope and escape inside a world where the bright young things meet up to let their hair down.
Appearing through a dimly lit haze in secret chic venues and inner sanctums of glamorous nightclubs across the globe, they make the night come alive with electric energy and a thrilling sense of after dark cool.
Finish the Story
To finish this love story with Hogan, we redesign the whole Mother-website.
We also combined all the modules we created together durring one year into a giantic template. That's the reason why you can't find those mini-websites online anymore.