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I've followed the brand for two years. And not any heart attack!

Following Nespresso for 2 Years.

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At werkstatt-Paris, we use to take care of the whole digital communication of nespresso. Durring two years I produced several special purpose websites for each new capsule edition and for each machine.

A story shared with the whole Werkstatt team.
Like a lot of new partnerships nowadays, it starts with winning a pitch.
The fist projet I was working on was for a grand-cru capsule : Hawai Kona. The first idea was to create an immersive website ; telling a story with only capsules forming an animated canvas.
The user was able to progress in the story through the timeline and free to tun arround to see the picture in different angles.
Bienvenuti in italia.
The aim for Trieste and Napoli was to tell a story though sketches, to bring the user to a closer and more sensitive experiment with the 2 cities.
For this special purpose website of the limited-edition capsule, we went on the two cities to get inspired and draw sketches of the most famous places as a travel diary.
It was a true technical machinery, we build the website as a videogame, using the same tricks to divide the weight of the website by 10, and improving the performances. We created a sensitive experiment accesible for everyone.
We recomposed the sketches to create a 3d environement with a new kind of parallax simulating a pop-up book.
Nespresso U machine:
Hilighting functionalities through little interactions.
I produced as well websites for Nespresso machines. For U, the modulable and easy to use Machine of the serie, I decided to hilight each particularities of the product with interations. By taking the website as a game, the user is more receptive and memorise everithing.
Nespresso Lattissima+
Mixing beauty render and technical specs.
For the Lattissima+ we created a 3D animation of the machine, the user is able to turn around and discover all the secificities of the machine. We use the Split screen to couple it with Slo-motion macros, that we shot with a Phantom Camera, and technical drawings.
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